My Spanish for your English!
Hi eveybody!

This is Fernando and I'm looking for a nice partner to meet once a week. 

I can offer native Spanish and Catalan, and I'm interested in improving my English, especially my speaking skills. I have an advanced level, I guess, yet I really need to gain fluency...

I've been doing intercambios for some time but I'm about to start a new job and, since my availability is going to change shortly, I'd love to find someone who can meet from 6:30 pm on. Btw, I work in HR.

I'm an easy going, sociable person. My interests are sports, trekking, movies and series, music, modern art, photography and hanging out with my friends! Nothing remarkable, I guess! :))

Okay, if you are interested, email me and let's suffer the process of learning a foreign language together! Hahah