32 years old
Professional teacher needs a room! :)
Hello! I am an experienced and well qualified English teacher from Manchester, England, with a degree in sociology and anthropology. I am really looking forward to learning about culture in Barcelona. I would like to teach you English for 3/4 hours a day, in return for a huge favour! - I would like to stay with you for a week or two, pretty please! :) When I arrive in Barcelona, in early September, I will not have an apartment yet, so I am looking for a place to stay, and I can help you with your English in return. (You need not specifically teach me Spanish, though I will of course be trying to learn it). You would be doing me a massive, massive favour, for which I would be eternally grateful! I can also cook and clean for you. I am friendly, personable, responsible and respectful, with a good sense of humour. I have excellent personal and professional references. Please get in touch if you think that we can help each other.
Thank you!