Spanish resident or valid work permit
Native English speaker or equivalent
University level education
TEFL or CELTA course
2/3 years’ experience – preferably of group classes, children and adults, Cambridge examinations
Basic knowledge of Spanish
Available to start a.s.a.p.
Minimum commitment till mid-June 2019
Send C.V. to cancooper@hotmail.com

Groups of 4-8 students aged 7-18
21 hours of teaching time approx. 16.00 – 20.15/20.30 Mon to Fri.
Basic net salary of 1,275 euros per month, all on contract.
Loyalty Bonus - 25 euros per month accumulative per year worked at the academy. Max. 125 euros.
Cambridge exam group bonus – PET 20/FCE 30/CAE 40/CPE 50 euros/month/group.
E.g. A teacher with two PET groups one CAE and one CPE would receive an extra 130 euros per month.
Extra hours possible. The overtime rate is 18 euros/hour.
2-3 weeks holiday at Christmas and 10 days at Easter