26 years old
Hey, guys! 
I help people face their day to day challenges in English and hopefully fall a bit in love with the language!
I am an English teacher with more than 7 years experience and am specialised in working with different levels and different demands from students.
I am passionate about education and training either online or providing face to face sessions. 
As well as if you need any help preparing for presentations, negotiations or an interview I can get you ready.
If you have been thinking about studying English but don't know where to start I can guide you on your language journey or if you have reached a wall where you don't feel that you are improving I can help you smash it down!! 
When not teaching I am translating for various clients. 
If you would like to find out more about what I do please feel free to contact me.
For more information about me you can follow to my web-site: