English classes
I am a native English speaker, from Miami, Florida, living in Spain, obtaining my masters degree. I have been a peer counselor in my previous schools for 6 years, which means I have prior knowledge in teaching, and working with others. I will be giving reading, speaking, writing lessons, and will be working on any specific needs of practice that needs assistance. I am offering two different options of English course packages to choose from. I will offer an evaluation test free of charge, to verify which level of English you are at and what we will need to practice and work on.  The first option is individual classes for 13 € euros for each hour of practice. The last option is the package of 5 sessions with the sessions being at 11 € euros an hour for 2 hours, all of the classes will be customized to fit each clients preferences. All of my classes are pre-paid unless you choose the monthly payment option. Cancellations will be accepted only if its 5 hours before hand for you not to be charged.Contact: email: metelluselizabeth@yahoo.com Phone: +34 678 134 469 WhatsApp: +1 954-278-5678