Aprende inglés en un nuevo y divertido entorno.
I am teaching classes at a great local academy in Sant Cugat where we learn language through technology and robotics. Children are able to enjoy learning English through challenges which will also improve creativity and how to be a little engineer! 

The classes are going so well and I want to share this opportunity with you! 

Places available immediately for ages 4-5(explorers) and 6-7(voyagers) and also if there’s more children with older ages I’d love to start a new class too! 

One to one/small group classes also available to all ages! If you want to learn English through new technology and articles, focusing on how to speak confidently. Then do send me an email at chloe_beck@rocketmail.com for more information! 

We are also running a summer course so get in touch for more information now! 

Short trail classes available.