Flexible English teaching projects in May and June
We are looking for teachers and monitors for the projects we have weekly with different schools based around Catalonia.
Now we are hitting our high season and therefore we need to increase our staff. 
Basically we work around projects based on different topics developed and created by our educators according to the age and the school curriculum. 
Depending on the needs of the school the project will be more or less academic. 
Now, as the weather is more suitable for camps, we have far more projects outside the schools. Camps tend to be really fun and usually the locations are really cool and it's a good way of getting to know different spots around Catalonia. If you go on a camp project, everything is provided, transport, accommodation and meals. You will also get all the materials, a dossier describing all the activities and in all the projects there will be a coordinator guiding you and giving you the support you need.