monitor - 3 day english camp
If you want to join us for a camp from the 11th to the 13th please, send us your CV at campsandprojects@hometohome.es 

More info:
How many students am I going to have?
Each monitor  will lead a group of about 12-15 students 

When are we leaving?
If you are leaving the day before in the afternoon it is usually to make your life easier as the project might be a bit far away so we provide accommodation either in the same place where the project will be happening or nearby so the following day you can wake up at a decent time, have breakfast and be already there avoiding the rush and the stress of not knowing your team, the house or the area before the school arrives. Usually we leave around 5:30-6pm the day before the project starts.

What should I pack?
Trainers! We will lend you the uniform for you to wear during the camp: a t-shirt, shorts and a hoodie. Just in case it’s too cold to wear shorts, bring a pair of jeans. As you will be sharing the room, pack a pyjama :)
You will need to bring an sleeping bag or bed sheets depending on the house you’ll be staying. The coordinator of the project will contact you a week before the project starts to let you know the exact details. 

Is it all included?
Transportation, acommodation and meals are included. Obviously if you want to get a nice cold beer at the end of the day, you will need to pay for that. 

What if I have any dietary requirement?
If you have allergies or you are vegan/vegetarian/pesceterian… Let us know in advance so we can let the house know.

How much time will I be required to work?
We lead the activities and the teachers from the school are the ones waking the students up, supervising meals, showers and bed time. Your coordinator will send you the timetable before the project starts with all the information as well as the activities dossier where you will be able to read and understand the tempos.

When are we finishing the project?
The camp finishes the third day after lunch so in a way you'd be working 2.5 days. 

Salary: You'd get paid 177€ after taxes