Please read the dates properly, try to understand what's the job about and only apply if you are interested.

I'm saying this because we have been posting adverts about jobs and people keep contacting us asking about different positions we don't have at the moment as well as asking us for info and once we take the time to answer, we don't hear anything else back.

WE NEED A TEACHER to cover a last miute drop out in one of our projects next week FROM the 11th to the 14th.

The project you'll be teaching is "Mass Media" which finally consists on creating a TV show with your students. You will be in charge of a class group of about 25 students and you will be part of a team of 4 teachers and a coordinator. The coordinator will assist you, help you out and provide you with the material you might need.

The school is in a town called Taradell, to avoid commuting and having to wake up before 6am, we are renting an apartment for the team near the school. You will be working from 9 to 12:50 - only mornings.

You can do whatever you want with your afternoon, if you wanna explore the area or socialize with the team, great and if you want to be on your own back to the apartment is up to you. After 12:50, you are free.

Please if you are interested, send me an email as soon as you can as it's quite urgent to cover the position.