We are looking for teachers who already have clients and want to offer bonus training (formación bonificada, Fundae, Fundación Tripartita) to companies. We carry out all the paperwork so that your clients can get your classes for free, which is what all companies demand nowadays.

Advantages of offering formación bonificada:

- Most companies only do training if it is formación bonificada, so your potencial market is greatly expanded.
- The hour rates of these kind of classes usually double-up that those that are not subsidized, so the hourly rate that you demand may be much higher.

If you are interested in our project do not hesitate and contact us. We have more than 10 years of experience doing this type of collaboration.

This advert is addressed to freelance teachers, but if you are not autonomo and are interested, please contact us anyway and we will try to find the proper solution to your case.

IMPORTANT: Camonclass carries out this tasks for your teachers. WE DO NOT OFFER clients to its collaborators. In other words: we are the tool to offer formación bonificada, but you have to find your clients.