Forget your English phobia!
Sobre mí
Hi all!
Let me introduce myself, to all the new students visiting my page!
So let’s start...
My name is Olivia, I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand and I now live in Barcelona, Spain.
I am a Native qualified TEFL teacher, working as freelance, in-company and online. I have been teaching English as a Foreign language to students all over the world for 5 years now.
I have teaching experience with all ages, from Kindergarten to middle age, adults. I'm qualified to help with accent reduction, exam preparation and Business English.
One of my favourite things to do is travel the world. What's yours?!
I am fascinated by other cultures and customs, so i would love to hear about where you are from!
I am very passionate about the Arts, I graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Photography. You can check out my photography blog, or request special classes to learn a little more about how to be a skilled photographer.
My other interests include, Yoga and mediation, making music, drawing and vegan cooking.
What i can offer YOU! Conversational classes, refresh of the basics and enrichment of your vocabulary.
As well as special classes tailored to: Job interviews, Business and industry specific vocabulary. Cambridge, Aptis and IELTS preparation and English for travel or study abroad guidance.
My classes are fun, dynamic and creative. With me, i promise you will forget your phobia when speaking in English!
Simply send me a message! With a short explanation of yourself and we can start this journey of improvement together!
Let's be in touch,