Master Languages, Les Corts, Barcelona
Is looking for English teachers for the next academic year (October 1st to June)
We have BOTH Full time and part-time positions.
We are looking for:
Native level English teachers who especially  love working with young students
You must have :
working papers (EU or student visa)
A mínimum of 2 years teaching experience plus a TEFL or similar qualification
preferably a University degree.
A knowledge of castellano/ catalán is an advantage.
We offer:
9 month contract plus finiquito at the end, paid holidays at Christmas and Easter.
Afternoon & evening blocked timetable
Competitive pay rates
Friendly and well established school with more than 20 years experience.
TeacherTraining included both online and presencial sessions.
Opportunity to work at a Cambridge Learning Partner school.
Please state clearly if you are interested in part-time(2-4 hours a week) or full -time (between 10-20 hours) All the part time positions are 4-5pm Tuesday & Thursday afternoons
Please send your CV with a cover note saying why you want the job to: