24 years old
I am a 24 year old Education Studies graduate with years of teaching experience and a 120-hour TEFL qualification. Most of my previous teaching experience has been working with children aged 4-11, but I have also worked with 11-18 year olds briefly. I am looking for a job for the upcoming year, ideally teaching young learners between 3-12, but I would be happy to teach teenagers too. 

I graduated in July 2018 then moved to Barcelona in October 2018, and I started work in a Private International School just outside of the city. I was a fifth grade tutor, meaning I was responsible for my own class of 25 students (of Spanish, Catalan and Chinese background). During my year at this school, I taught English, Maths, Science and Art to fifth and sixth grade (children aged 10-12 years old). I also taught extracurricular classes to different groups from the secondary school. I enjoy using project and experience based learning along with the curriculum to help children learn to the best of their ability.

Last year, I worked with children with a variety of additional needs, from low level to high capacity. Additionally, whilst I was at university, I was involved planning and conducting animal assisted therapy (AAT) sessions for children with a range of Special Educational Needs (Autism, Downs Syndrome, Asbergers and various Behavioural Disorders). I also have experience in English training for Cambridge Exams (KET and PET), and exam invigilating (KET, PET and FCE).

At the moment, I have a job in a language academy teaching children aged 3-7 years old. My current job is in the evenings from 5-7pm so my availability is Monday to Friday during the day (anytime before 4/4:30 so that I have time to travel to my other job).