Spanish classes for foreigners
Have you just arrived in Spain and are striving to learn the lingo?

I am a fully bilingual English and Spanish teacher with over 10 years experience, be it conversation, exam preparation or starting from scratch I have what it takes to make sure you get to grips with the language!

Spanish is a tricky language when it comes to learning the verb tenses and forms for each subject... Bet you wish there was a magic potion out there that you could take a sip and get you talking pronto.

The most important thing is that you're keen to learn and are committed to putting in the hours to get where you feel comfortable speaking and understanding.

I don't tend to use textbooks in my class and rely them more on a conversational approach although I always adapt my classes to my student's needs.

Time to break those chains you've forged yourself in thinking you're not getting anywhere y EMPEZAR A HABLAR!

Give me a call/drop me a message for more info!