22 years old
Private Classes with a Native English Teacher [20€ per HOUR]
I am from Canada and just 1 year ago I decided to move to Barcelona to pursue my goal of being an English teacher. I am also a dancer and a dance teacher which is one of the reasons why I chose to move to this city. I have completed my certificate for TEFL and now teaching English is my main focus in Barcelona.

Since I have a background in the arts, I use that for a creative approach to teaching English. I have a lot of experience teaching with games and exercises so that the classes stay fun and interesting. As a dance teacher I also have a lot of experience teaching young kids.

I am a very patient and encouraging tutor, and I push all of my students to succeed. I like to create a learning environment that feels relaxed and comfortable for the student where they know it’s okay to make mistakes. I believe a big part of learning a new language is to learn from mistakes. I tailor my lesson plans based on what my students’ needs and interests are. I think that every student is exceptionally unique in how to take in information whether it is visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learning. Because of this fact, I adjust the lessons and exercises I provide according to the learning style of whoever my student is.

I have experience in teaching online as well as in person, one-to-one private classes.

My rate is 20€ per hour.