math tutor needed
Job Offer for math teacher
I have a student who is in university who would like to work on math.
She is working on:
Unit   1: Study of functions of one variable
- Integrals
- Derivatives
- Limits

Unit 2:   Study of functions of two variables
- Functions, level curves and derivatives
- Geometry.
- Extrema
- Constrained extrema
- Double integrals

Unit 3:   Matrices
- Diagonalization
-Dot product
She would like to do at least 10 hours of class before her December 16th exam, and maybe more hours.
She is available:
Monday: anytime after 18h
Tuesday: anytime after 14h
Wednesday: anytime after 18h
Thursday: anytime after 14h
Friday: anytime after 14h.
and on the weekends whenever.
25 euros per hour gross.
Please email your CV to ernestsolis2@gmail.com if you are interested