25 years old
Fun, Interactive, Interesting Private English Lessons
Hello everyone! 

Barcelona is saturated with English tutors, with so many options, it can be difficult to choose who you think will suit your learning style best. So, instead of just trying to win your business I thought I'd tell you a little about me as a person and the way my lessons are conducted, so that you can hopefully make an informed choice. 

I've been teaching English to children and adults for the last four years in China, Peru, Bolivia and now here in Spain (You might imagine that I've tried a hell of a lot of different foods and you would be right!) I'm currently studying a masters degree in Applied Linguistics, Spanish language and how to wash, iron and put away my clothes (My girlfriend is my unelected teacher of the latter haha!) 

I think confidence is key when learning a language, if we feel confident we speak more, make more mistakes and in turn, learn more! That's why we always talk more after a couple of beers right?! The classes will focus on learning new vocabulary using interesting real world topics, grammar structures and of course pronunciation but mainly they will be very conversational in order to keep your confidence high! 

Basically I'm experienced, qualified with plenty of references, dynamic and adaptable but most importantly I'm a real person who enjoys conversation, loves teaching English and meeting new people! 

For more information, please call or email me and I look forward to meeting you :)