Hello! I am Tamara, native speaker of French and English. I give interactive and dynamic French classes for adults, teenagers and children. Many language classes focus on only vocabulary and grammar rules, without taking into account that speaking a language also consists of body language, colloquial expressions, intonation, and pronunciation. 

In my classes, I adapt my classes to your needs. Using different exercises and materials such as videos, texts, song lyrics and movie dialogues, in addition to grammar, you will learn how to speak French as a native.

LEARNING A LANGUAGE IS A PROCESS: for students who want a deeper immersion, between classes, I will send you fun assignments (articles, news, movies, videos, etc.) to keep up with your learning.

Do you want to learn French from scratch? Learning French may seem intimidating at first, but don't worry. From the beginning I will teach you to immerse yourself in French in your day to day so that your efforts are rewarded.

I also help elementary, middle and high school students improve their French grades through dynamic exercises that are adapted to the syllabus.

In my classes, there is only one rule: make as many mistakes as you can. I take care of the rest!