English Pronunciation Master Classes
Hello! I am an English instructor in the US (Minnesota) with over 20 years of experience teaching immigrant and foreign-exchange university students from almost every country!  My specialty is pronunciation/accent reduction, and I have a series of fun and interactive group classes.

Class 1: English Pronunciation Basics: The most common pronunciation difficulties, important insights into the vowel system and frequently used words.

Class 2: Overview of the Vowel System: the 15 different vowel sounds, how the Long and Short vowel system works, Short-vowel pronunciation tips, "R" as a vowel, and the most commonly mispronounced and confused vowel sounds.

Each class is 50 minutes (via Zoom), and limited to 18 people so that everyone can interact and get personal feedback if they wish.

LINK to current class times available: https://calendly.com/professorcoach-le/

I made these classes super affordable, so it is easy for anyone to attend several sessions! Right now Class 1 is just $7 USD, and Class 2 is $10 USD.  Get a friend and sign-up together!!

To learn more about my experience, check out my free pronunciation resources on pronunciationcoach.blog and pronunciationcoach.com.

(Email me with questions or requests for alternative session times.)