44 years old
Hello everybody. My name is Daniela Todosova Jevtikj. I have 15+ years of experience in teaching English for different ages and different purposes. I run my own school in Macedonia but I want to focus now to online classes too due to the worldwide pandemic.
You can contact me on my e-mail and write what your requirement is and a special customized English programme is on the way for you in order to satisfy YOUR expectations specifically. 
I have graduated from the Faculty of English Department and literature in 1999. I started working as an English teacher in a private school but  in 4 years time I opened my own school, STAR_DT. It offers different levels and works with different  curricula, according to the needs of the clients. The lowest English level that I have taught is English for kindergarten kids, and the most challenging for me is the Business English language, for different profiles of employees, from different area of business. Here I can mention the English for Hospitality, Sales agents, IT people, English for Law, English for Human Resources. These are demanding courses because they require previous research and language adjustment, because there are certain technicalities that you do not have in General English Courses. 
I also am an official translator. In 2003 I passed the Exam to become an official translator and I have my own seal. I work with different companies, I participate in many bids/tenders and have clients in different area of business. 
However, mu progress didn't end up with acquiring the title Bsc. I took BULATS exam and I passed it a year and a half years ago, at C1 level, and a month ago I also passed the CELTA course . Both of these are internationally recognized  and are important tool  for those who want to pursue international career in teaching. At the time being I belong in this category of teachers. I believe that I can provide a high quality teaching process, effective classes, long-term benefit for the pupils because my attitude towards teaching is interactive, provoking students to think, learn and have fun at the same time.