homeschool in Sant Cugat
Job Offer in Sant Cugat  
It is a small group class of two five year old twins who would like to be homeschooled using the Cambridge Institute curriculum.
The family will enroll them in a cambridge institute online school program so you will not have to develop and provide material.
The classes would cover learning the alphabet, learning to read and write, math and science etc.
They would like to do two hours per day everyday Monday through Friday.
The ideal class times would be in the morning starting at around 9h or 10h.
The class would be in the home of the family which is in Sant Cugat a 10 minute walk from the Sant Cugat FGC stop.
The classes would start next week if you can and go until the school year ends (around June approx.).
Please email your CV to ernestsolis2@gmail.com if you are interested.  Pay varies based on experience level/qualifications of the teacher, but will be competitive.