math/English tutor needed
Job offer for math tutor
I have a family who would like classes for their two sons.
They go to an international school and do everything in English.
One is in 10th grade and would like to work on math.
The other is in 7th grade and would like to work on English.
The family does not live close all that close to public transportation (20 minute walk from the Peu de funicular FGC), but the kids get picked up from school in car and taken home, so if you wanted you could meet them at their school (Via Augusta and Ronda de Dalt) and they can take you to their home and drop you off with their car.
Right now the school they go to has changing dismissal times which vary in between 16h, 1515h, 15h, 1415h depending on the day.
The idea would be to do one class right after the others so that you would have a block of 2 hours of class.
They are available Tuesday Thursday and Friday after school. and maybe on the weekends if you wanted.
25 euros per hour gross
please email your CV to ernestsolis2@gmail.com if you are interested.