Recent IB Graduate 44/45 HL: Bio, Chem, English, Business
I provide 1:1 curated learning environments in 1-1:45 hr Zoom class sessions for IB and Pre-IB Students. 

- Intensive and focused 1-1 Zoom classes geared towards the student
- Access to all my past paper, textbook and other online resource databases
- 24/7 text help with any IB related questions

Previously, I also mentored for Business, English, Sciences EE and IAs. My teaching methodology is detail-orientated and meticulous, and molded to who you are as a student and what you strive for. 

I recently graduated the IB DIPLOMA with a 44/45, with HL's, English A, Business, Chemistry and Biology. I have an excellent track record of over 4 years in International private schools around Europe and East Asia (Dwight, GEMS, ICS & SFS) of making sure all students receive 40+ marks and meet any expectations they might have.