30 years old
IELTS / English Tutor DELTA 5+ Years British Council KCL UCL
Hi, I’m Jamie from London, UK. I’m an English teacher, former IELTS speaking examiner, university tutor and private English tutor with over 5 years’ experience at top institutions such as the British Council, King’s College London and UCL.

I have a master’s level diploma in teaching English from the University of Cambridge (DELTA), a CELTA and a specialist qualification in linguistic knowledge. I graduated with a degree in French and Spanish from the University of Sheffield in 2013 and I’m fluent in these languages.

I’ve taught thousands of students of all levels and ages in five different countries. 

I specialise in teaching adults IELTS, Conversation, Pronunciation (accent reduction), Business English, and General English. 

I tailor my classes to suit my students’ individual needs. I use my knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve your language learning goals.

I’m extremely passionate about teaching English and I enjoy giving feedback and praise to help my students improve. 

My lessons are effective, organised and engaging. I use a range of interesting resources including PowerPoint presentations, authentic materials and videos. 

For conversation classes we can talk about everyday topics or a specific topic. You will develop your confidence and fluency. At the end of every lesson, I deliver personalised feedback on fluency, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. We will correct your mistakes together. 

For General English, we can work on difficult grammar topics or a specific skill.

For IELTS, I’ll provide feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in speaking and writing using the assessment criteria. We can also develop strategies to answer difficult reading and listening questions.

For pronunciation classes, we can work on developing a British accent and accent reduction. To do this, I firstly analyse your pronunciation difficulties. Next, we look at improving sounds, stress, connected speech, intonation and rhythm. 

For Business English, we can improve your ability to have interviews, participate in meetings or write emails. 

I do a free trial lesson for 30 minutes. We’ll discuss your learning goals and I will show you my teaching style. Contact me to book a trail class and we’ll work together to help you improve your English.

I deliver classes online or face to face.

My hourly rate per hour is €40.

Email: jbramsongrant@gmail.com