I am a graduate student from the UAB, I can speak English, Farsi, and Turkish and I can offer the following:
1.  Created engaging, educational, and innovative games adapted for a child with learning difficulties.
2.Consistently ensured children were fed, bathed, and put to bed before parents returned home.
3. Organized and cleaned the property as needed.
4, Assisted children with school homework, assigned reading, and other activities. 
5. Helped contribute toward student achieving honors award two years in a row.
6. Coordinated play dates with other childcare providers and families as per a parent-approved list.
7.Ensured proper hygiene and safety.
Discussed progress and limitations with the employer when necessary.
Prepared and provided healthy meals, snacks, and beverages to children.
8.Provided comfort and support to distraught or injured children.
Safely transported children to and from school, as well as parks and playgrounds.
I have some good experience here in Barcelona with many Spanish families and I can offer contacts ,