26 years old
New Method: Learn English Faster With Experienced Native
Do you know how some people learn so fast?
The answer, it's all about the method.

My Name is Shaun, from Ireland. I'm an experienced, professional English tutor, with a creative fun and proven method to learn English faster and easier than ever before. A lot of my students tell me they are learning 5x faster than before and having more fun as well.

If you want to know more about this creative new method, contact me by mobile, email or WhatsApp and I'll reply as soon as possible.

12 euro per hour
10 euro for 45 minutes

Looking forward to speaking with you :)

 Frequently Asked Questions
What is the easiest way to learn English in Barcelona?
The easiest and fastest way is to improve your ability with the correct method and with a great tutor.

Is English easy to learn?
Learning English can be easy or difficult. The important thing is the method and philosophy you use.