Qualified English tutor from London
I have a Bachelors degree in English and Theatre, and a Masters degree in Journalism. I was a journalist in London for ten years but now I live in Barcelona and teach English in an English academy in Olesa in the evenings.
I also sometimes work at another academy on Saturdays when I am needed.
I have worked with various families in Spain over the last three years interacting with their kids with English.
My students have ranged from 2 year olds up to adults and I also give one-on-one tuition.
I have different methods depending on who I am teaching.
For example with my smaller kids we have a lot of fun with playing games, making things, songs and activities.
My older students have different needs - I help people prepare for exams (such as Cambridge or Oxford) or practice their conversational English - whatever they require.
I teach online and in person and charge 12 to 15 euros per hour.
I really take time and effort to prepare classes and use the correct resources to get the best results.
I truly love teaching English and look forward to hearing from you!