English Tutor / Conversation Practice
Hi, my name is Bez and I can help you practice and improve your English.

I'm a part-time Enlglish tutor and part-time tabletop games designer, so if you like board games, card games, wargames, or RPGs, then that's something we have in common.

Don't worry if not though, I have plenty of student who aren't as geeky as me.

If you want to practice conversation on a variety of topics, that's something I do with most of my students. I can send you articles or videos on things I think would be interesting to discus, or we can talk about whatever you'd like us to. Either way, I'll provide correction whenever you say something that's not quite right and help to expand your vocabulary.

Alternatively, if you're looking for someone to correct any mistakes in your English writing, or to help you practice for a exam, those are also things I have experience with.

I look forward to meeting you.