40 years old
Hello! I am Isa. I am a native Spanish/Catalan speaker from Barcelona. I am a qualified Spanish/Catalan teacher and I have previous experience teaching in both languages to people from different parts of the world, online and face-to-face teaching.

I love teaching. As a teacher, I find it very rewarding to see my student’s progress and I feel great passion for languages. I am a kind of a language freak.

I am an approachable, patient and an open-minded person. I really feel that learning must be done in a comfortable, fun and easy-going way. Whatever your goal is, I can help you to achieve it.

We’ll try to focus the class in the way that best fits for you. If you have an specific purpose I can adapt to your needs and time. If you need an specific language focus (application writing, professional interview, business conversation), then I will adapt and design lessons with a specific focus on your needs,too. Think about your own language goals, and let’s work together to achieve them!

We can focus on conversation if you like, so as to improve your pronunciation and get confidence, and we can also have classes more focused on grammar. Each person has its own way to assimilate a new language.

The goal is to improve your confidence and speaking. The more you talk, the quicker you will improve. My lessons are interactive and designed with full language integration (speaking, listening, reading, writing) with grammar explanations given as needed. I am at your service!