English conversation classes (online or in person)
Hello! My name is Roisin (Ro-Sheen) form Ireland. I am a first-class honours graduate of English and Theatre from the National University of Ireland in Galway, and am passionate about language. I am offering online or in person English conversation classes from mid-January in Barcelona. 

If you would like to learn English in a creative way, my conversation classes incorporate the skills I learned in theatre school, such as improvisation and embodied language. There is therefore room for play, mistakes and growth. Of course I realise everyone is different and some people aren't as comfortable with this approach - I will tailor the classes to you, but would like you to know that this is an option.

I am happy to work with adults or children below 12. If you would like to organise a group lesson, I am also happy to offer a reduced fee per student. Group lessons will involve theatre games and individual lessons one-on-one conversation covering basic to advanced topics. In the case of group lessons, I will need help sourcing a space.

My starting rate is twelve euro per hour, depending on travel. Group lessons are negotiable. 

I hope to hear from you!