26 years old
Native English Speaker (USA) Seeking Students in Barcelona!
Hello future fluent English speaker!
I am a 26 year old University graduate from San Diego, California who has recently moved to Barcelona. I have experience teaching in the classroom, I am a fluent/native English speaker, and I am TEFL Certified. I also have a special knack for working with kids!
I am available for private English tutoring of 1-3 individuals at a time, between the ages of 5 and 65. I can travel to your home or set up a meeting time and place in a public location.
17 euros/hr

Tutoring sessions with me are relaxed and memorable - which are they best qualities for learning a spoken language!
You should feel free to test the boundaries of your knowledge in order to discover exactly where your limitations lie so that they can be addressed directly. Together we will gradually stretch your knowledge and confidence through conversational practice and memorization techniques. I will use a Direct Method of speaking English exclusively; providing anecdotes to help with memorization along the way. I can help students with their assigned homework or provide entire lessons.
I have hands-on experience as a University Teacher's Assistant, Tutor, and Nanny to young children.
I am organized, engaging, patient, and passionate about the spoken and written word - and I truly look forward to meeting you!