Project Yourself Camps Mentor
First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to read this advert. 

My name is Paul Kidd Hewitt and I am looking for our last team member for a school camp which we will celebrate from 2-4th May 2022.

We will be working with 78 12 year olds from a Barcelona public school. The official language of our camp is English and it's the chance for students to have an English immersion. 

Activities will be: social entrepreneurial projects/cabaret performance/sports/outdoor activities/ trek etc. 

This is the last position and we really need someone who wants to work with us, have fun and above all, enjoy their time with the students. Looking for people with excellent level of English, not necessarily native, but excellent all the same. 

Only serious candidates please reply. 

Pay for your time will be 320 euros. 

Thanks once again, and looking forward to receiving your message or call. 

Paul Kidd Hewitt