English Trainers (North American Accent)
Remote English trainers needed to screen call center employees and applicants for acceptable accents and reading abilities.

American English accent (Male) required only at this time.

Please provide:  
1- E-mail address.

2- Quiet home office setting to allow for call recording with a headset.

3- Minimum 20/10 MBPS Connection.

4. Laptop, Desktop or larger tablet for reading documents and responding using the script provided.

5- An invitation link will be provided to join the audio session.

6- A transcript will be shared, from which our prospective employee will be reading questions. Your responses are highlighted for you.

Please respond as if you were really speaking and not reading to make the employee feel that he / she is having a conversation.
7- Purpose:  To give employees and potential employees the opportunity to improve their speaking with a native trainer. You will provide 1-2 lines of feedback regarding the quality of the conversation.  

15 USD PayPal to be transferred immediately after the call.