Study English with Torsi Online English!
Hi all! Are you looking for a reliable online English tutor? Torsi Online English has the solution for you! 
Torsi Online English was started by two teachers from sunny Durban, South Africa. After spending more than 10 years in online education, they felt it was time to launch the next level of online English education right here in their home town. Taking the lessons learned from previous experience, the school was started with the aim to do better; to provide real education from teachers with a genuine smile whom students can trust.
This means doing things differently. It means supporting teachers to achieve their career goals and delivering truly remarkable results to students. It means ensuring the best quality material, and vibrant, engaging lessons.
We decided that to deliver the best lessons, we have to hire the kindest, most understanding and well-rounded teachers available. All of our teachers are South African, a country which is world-renowned for having one of the most neutral English accents. We also have a reputation for being friendly and hard working. It doesn’t get any better than a South African online English teacher!
We also participate in study abroad programmes, helping you to get the most out of your language learning experience. Why not visit Durban and stay with a family, leave with memories you'll never forget! Or maybe you'll never leave! Some never do ????
Contact us at info@torsionline.com and follow us on social media for updates!