ESL TEACHER for Young Learners
ESL Teacher Job Description

Send C.V to vicky@kidspeakenglish.com to set up an interview.

For the 2022-2023 school year we have 1 position available (10 hours per week in the afternoons)

The positions are Monday - Friday in the afternoons.

We are also looking to employ a qualified ESL to provide English language lessons to children ages 3 to 18. The successful candidate will be responsible for planning lessons and activities, adopting a creative approach, and encouraging and motivating students to learn ( 15-20 hours a week in the afternoons).

To be a successful at our school, you should be able to create an environment that is conducive to learning, encouraging students to interact with each other to improve their English-speaking skills.

You should be able to work with multi-level groups engaging all the kids with speaking based lessons.

ESL Teacher Responsibilities:

Conducting activities and lessons based on ESL teaching methodologies.
Encouraging and engaging students to speak in English.
Motivating students and using humor to induce a pleasant learning environment.
Maximizing students’ talk time through oral based games abd activities.
Displaying excellent classroom management.
Keeping accurate records of student performance.
Take daily attendance using the school´s intranet platform.
Communicating with the Coordinator or School Directionl, as needed.
Maintaining standardized guidelines.
Teachers are expected to arrive on time and in the classroom ready to start when the kids arrive.
You are expected to attend staff meetings once per month – usually on Mondays at 16.00H.
ESL Teacher Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree.
TEFL Certification.
Neutral English accent.
Proficient in using google drive to share material with staff and other teachers.
Ability to teach children ages 3 to 18 and to work with multi level groups.
Display patience and the ability to adapt quickly and creatively.
Be self-sufficient.
Be up to date in the use of technology in the classroom (video, audio, etc.).