If you want to improve your English communication skills feel free to join my 'SPEAKRIGHT' classes. My name is Szabi, I am an experienced CELTA certified English teacher, entrepreneur and HR Economist. I am about to develop your English speaking skill to get the experience of fluency. 

As far as I've experienced, vocabulary and speaking skills are the most important parts of real communication. Based on these two elements, I am about to teach how to speak fluently, how to use the language in practice. Instead of typical langauge exam preparation, I deal with communication development from level A2 to level C1 with the help of my own education system, SPEAKRIGHT. www.speakright.net

As for my teaching, I am to help for university  and adult students to speak easily in the real life situations like:
 ~ speak with confidence if you are in a restaurant
 ~ avoiding embarrasing moment while telling your story to your foreign friend
 ~ helping  tourists on the street 
 ~ or solving difficult situations at your workplace with your foreign colleague. 

If your aim is to speak fluently and to develope your skills, feel free to join my private and/or mini-group classes!