30 years old
Immersive English and Music Classes
Hi! I'm Hugh, a teacher from the South of the U.K with more than 5 years experience in schools and academies, as well as more than 10 years experience with music. 

My classes could help if you are studying for an English exam, want to improve your general English, a music exam in English or want to introduce someone to a fun instrument and hobby!

I offer a range of classes for all ages (all in English):
- General or Business English
- Exam preparation (Advanced, First, and more)
- Music theory
- Guitar/Bass/Piano/DJ lessons
- Recording and Music Production (Ableton, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools & more)

Classes are adapted to the needs of the student so it is also possible to combine two types of classes or as a group class. 

Individual - 20 € per hour
Groups -  10 € extra per hour

Individual - 25 € per hour
Groups -  10 € extra per hour

Contact for more information or enquires!