Free CV review
After four years as a recruiter working closely with teachers, looking at tens of CVs everyday from teaching professionals all over the world I've come to recognise the importance of that first email, the CV and the cover letter. For this reason, to help more teachers get better jobs, faster and with less effort, I'd like to offer a new set of services you might be interested in: MyCV+ 

Our services start from 10€

We offer a free revision of your CV so you can find out if you need us.Please let me know if you would like a free review. 

Hey! We could improve various aspects of your CV and cover letter. 

Here are our prices, they exclude IVA.

Professional CV makeover (only design) CV+ 20€

We move your CV content to a bright more dynamic design that will guarantee more callbacks and more job offers. 

Professional CV makeover (design+content check) CV++ 30€

We move your CV to a bright more dynamic design + we improve the content where needed. Secure job positions more easily with guaranteed results.

Cover letter / first Email - 10€

Your first email should be perfect. Use ours. 

Translate your CV Spanish/English 30€

Sometimes employers prefer a certain language, this is especially true of smaller companies.

CV+++ All of the above services: 55€ (translation, content review, design)

Professional CV from scratch 50€

Sometimes it's best to begin again. We will write your CV from scratch in English or in Spanish.

Add work experience (Lesson planning, course making, teaching) *free

If you would like specific work experience to put on your CV, let us know.

Mock interview with feedback 80€