Hello, I'm Alejandro and I'm a native Spanish teacher. I have a degree in Hispanic Philology and have extensive experience in face-to-face and online classes. I have taught in both formats to individual students and groups of all levels and ages. I have also prepared the DELE and other types of exams.

In my lessons, I share digital boards that I've been creating over the years, and I have the impression that my students feel like I'm sitting right beside them. There is a whole audiovisual library at our fingertips, such as Youtube, which we can use almost immediately. In fact, we've really got the entire internet at our disposal. If any of my students has questions about content that hasn’t been programmed for that day, all my material is just a click away. I send these digital materials to my students at the end of every class and, if they want, I send them homework on the content we have seen.

Cultural content also plays a significant role in my classes. I firmly believe in its power for language acquisition. Besides, I try to show a less stereotypical image of my country without avoiding the well-known elements; and I like to think that I'm a different window through which to look at Spain.

In the first lesson, I try to identify what my students truly need, and I always orient activities and materials towards that direction. Moreover, I enjoy making them think, allowing them to work out the content by themselves. Before introducing a new term or verb form, I prompt them: "How do you think it’s said?". This encourages them to give their answer based on intuition, using the knowledge they already have, because we all possess a linguistic intention.


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