TEFL teachers needed
We are looking or a teacher for the following classes:

Mondays: 13.45 to 14.45 (Horta, 3 kids)

Mondays 17-18 (Guinardo, two kids) 

Mondays 18.15-19.15 (Guinardo two kids) 

Tuesdays 5- 7 (Sants, two sets of twins, fun dynamic classes)

Wednesdays 13-14 (Entenza, 2 kids)

Wednesdays 15-16 (Sarria, one 12 yo boy)

Wednesdays 17.45-19.45 (gracia, two kids and they requested female teacher)

Thursdays 1530-1630 (horta, first certificate class)

Thursdays 1630 to 1830 or 17-19 (two young boys, center)

Fridays 13.45 to 14.45 (five kids, HOrta)

Pay is 17/h
please send cv to bcnteflteachers@gmail.com