English Teacher 8.00 to 9.30 near Glòries in Barcelona
Our academy is looking for an English teacher for an advanced business English class once a week 8 to 9.30 AM on Tuesday . Lessons are on site (not online) for a company.

The company is placed ten minutes walking from Glòries and five minutes from Llacuna metro stops in Barcelona. Pay is €18 gross per hour. A contract will be written so please allow for taxes.

Classes will start on 8 January. Lessons are taught through blended learning, which means some students will be in class and other will connect from home.

We require a teaching certificate, residence in Barcelona and working papers. Working papers means both a Spanish NIE/TIE and a Spanish Social Security number. We are not able to write a contract if you do not have both numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot hire teachers on student visas.

If you meet our requirements, are available Tuesday 8.00 to 9.30 AM and would like to work for us please send us your CV.