Looking for Experienced Teacher for Mentoring
I am an online freelance teacher who has been working since 2016 in the profession. Because I work online, I don't have the ability to observe other more experienced teachers. I would love to find a mentor who can guide me.

I am looking for a mentor who:
>currently has group lessons online that I would be able to observe
>has 10+ years of experience
>has completed a Delta / Master's in Applied Linguistics or TEFL

Major plus:
>teacher trainer experience

My idea for how the mentoring would go:
>I would be able to observe at least one of your online classes a week
>You would be open to observing a recorded lesson of mine and giving me feedback (once every month / every two months)
>You would be open to meeting once a month to talk about an observed lesson / my professional development

Price is open to negotiation so I cannot put something here. Me being a teacher as well know how important it is to offer a living wage so we can discuss what you believe would be appropriate.