Math Tutor
We are always looking for future Epic Prep tutors!

Ever wonder why you had to learn the quadratic formula or memorize the equation of a circle? Did you really think knowing Latin roots wouldn’t be useful in real life? Put your knowledge to good use by teaching these principles to students who are eager to learn so they access the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide! 

As the work environment becomes more and more competitive, studying at a good university has a substantial impact on a person’s professional future. At EPIC we are committed to helping students achieve the scores they need on standardized exams to get into the universities of their dreams. Check us out at epicexamprep.com to learn more! 

There’s quite a few reasons to join the EPIC team; here’s a few:

Remote Work: There’s no need to commute to the office. You can teach wherever you want – just as long as you have a quiet location and stable internet connection! 

Flexible Schedule: We know what autonomos value freedom and flexibility. You build your own schedule by accepting the courses and hours you want. 

State-of-the-Art Platform: There’s no need to stress about storage on your personal google drive or scheduling zoom calls. With our proprietary platform, we set both teachers and students up for success. 

Training and Materials: We have a tried and true method for exam preparation and answer any questions. As such, you’ll receive extensive training regarding our platform and materials, so you won’t have to spend hours grading assignments or researching info on Google.

Interested in hearing more? Please send an email to careers@epicexamprep.com with a cover letter and CV/ résumé. 

We are looking for tutors who meet the following qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree 
Teaching certification or equivalent 
Native or C2 English 
Experience with lesson planning and student tracking 
2 years + experience tutoring math 
Experience with exam preparation or higher learning tutoring
Preferred experience with SAT, GRE and/or GMAT or A-levels