B2 and C1 exam preparation classes online
Are you preparing for your B2 or C1 English exams? Look no further! I'm an experienced English teacher passionate about helping students like you achieve your language goals.

Why Choose My Classes?

I've spent the past five years teaching English, and I hold a Bachelor's degree in English Language. I've helped many students prepare for their Cambridge and Trinity exams with great success. My classes are interactive and engaging, designed to suit your unique learning style. I love using technology to make lessons more interesting and effective, and my students always enjoy our fun activities like role-plays, games, and creative projects – we even created a cookbook from student recipes once!

What You Can Expect:

In my classes, we'll cover all parts of the exam – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. I'll provide regular practice tests and detailed feedback to help you improve. Plus, the flexibility of online lessons means you can learn from the comfort of your home, at times that suit you best.

Who Can Join?

Whether you're a student aiming to pass your B2 or C1 exams, an adult learner looking to boost your English skills, or anyone committed to achieving their language goals, my classes are perfect for you.

A Bit About Me:

I’m CELTA certified and have extensive experience teaching B2 and C1 exam preparation courses. I'm also currently working on a linguistic project to train AI in Spanish, with a goal to become an NLP expert. This allows me to bring innovative approaches to my teaching. Plus, I love exploring new ways of learning and incorporating fun activities like singing songs with my guitar, various games, and role-plays that my adult groups enjoy a lot.

Ready to Get Started?

Join my online classes on Lingobongo and take the first step towards mastering your B2 or C1 exams! Just sign up on Lingobongo and search for my profile to enroll. Let’s make learning English an exciting and rewarding journey!