29 years old
English | German Intensive Tandem
I'm an English teacher here in Berlin and am looking for a German native speaker (preferrably also a language teacher) who would like to do some intensive tandem work. I would like to find a week or maybe more where we could meet for 3 hours a day. I would like the meetings to consist of some casual conversation as well as, either specific grammar exercises or at least improvised grammar work based on whatever needs become obvious while we are conversing. 
To tell you a little bit about myself. I'm 29, male, Canadian, masters degree in philosophy and a freelance English teacher who finds it crazy that I'm paying German teachers to learn German, and there are German teachers who are paying English teachers to learn English. So, if we can bypass the middleman, we can save hundreds of Euros. 
Happy to hear any other suggestions or scenarios that might be possible. And, happy to hear from people who aren't teachers who think they could do this.