Personalized Online German Classes by Native Tutor
I taught languages at language schools in Germany and Spain and did private tutoring and translations as well. I worked for the German Foreign Office for a number of years in Germany and abroad. I have lived in 7 countries. I am also an author for www.schulklick.net, I have created grammar and vocabulary exercises which you can find there for purchase.

I speak German, English and some French and Spanish.

About my classes

If you are looking for off-the-shelf, standardized, one-fits-all, mechanized, modulized classes, then you have come to the wrong place! If you are looking for classes with a personal touch, custom-made for your needs, where you don't have to learn how to handle a "platform" or download a certain program in order to take classes, then you have come to the right place!

You will receive 100% personalized lessons for effective learning! I will provide you with all the learning material (custom-tailored to your needs) for each lesson, so you don't have to buy a book. After each lesson, I will email you homework that you resend to me after completion. I then correct it and send it back to you. At the beginning of the following class, we go over it together and clarify any questions/problems you may have.

Before we start classes, I will have to find out what your language learning background/level is and what your goals are. For instance, if you need German for your work or if you want to prepare for a job interview, then you will need a different approach than somebody who wants to learn enough German for travel or to be able to talk to German friends. 

I will be the Director of our classes, but you will be the Producer! You decide how often you want lessons, whether you want me to speak German only, whether you want the camera on or off or whether you want more conversation or more writing, grammar etc.. I sometimes use songs in class, because they are a great and fun way to memorize vocabulary and grammatical structures. You can always tell me your ideas, and I will adjust our lessons accordingly. The more feedback I get from you, the better I can personalize the material and the classes for you. All you have to bring, is interest, patience, and also discipline.


US $15 / 11,90 Euro per 30-minute lesson
US $22 / 17,50 Euro per 45-minute lesson
US $28 / 21,90 Euro per 60-minute lesson

If you pay for 10 lessons in advance, you'll get one lesson free!