'Finding a Job in Berlin' workshop - Mar. 23
Finding a job in a new city is challenging -- in a new country it can be even more daunting when you don't know the language, the culture, and the unspoken rules related to applying and interviewing for a job.

Our 'Finding a Job in Berlin' workshop answers all the questions expats have about searching for and securing work in Berlin, including:

What jobs can I do without speaking German well?
What are the best sites for job searching in English?
Where are the best places to do networking?
How do I write a German-style CV?
What's the difference between a part-time job, freelancing, and an internship?
What if I don't have a work permit?
What do German employers want to hear from applicants?

Our workshop will answer these questions and provide useful tips and tricks for seeking and securing the job of your dreams. You'll come away with the best sites for job searching, ideas for building up your own professional network in Berlin, and a list of tips and tricks for applying for jobs in Germany -- all for just 30 Euros.

Our next workshop is Sat. Mar. 23, 4pm -- 6.30pm. Please contact us today to reserve a spot - www.expath.de.