Speak Any Language in 100 Days

Success in learning is dependent on not just what you study but why, when, how, who with and a host of other factors. I will simply guide you through the strategies that work, saving you a massive amount of time and effort and getting you speaking the language you want quickly, enjoyably and fluently.

I'll show you the right type of effort you need to make in order to acquire a language and use it as your own, with an emphasis on functionality and good momentum. You'll cover a variety of the best ways to improve on the four core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, using technology and material that is mostly cost free and easily available.

I've been a CELTA qualified language teacher for 13 great years, for the last 5 at a public university in Spain. I've helped thousands of people both in and out of the classroom to improve their fluency. Time and again I've seen those students who adopt these same, tested strategies as their own accelerate their learning immensely. There are no magic tricks to learning a language quickly and fluently, just great strategies that when mixed with your efforts give great results.

When you sign up, I'll help you set off on the right foot and send you a copy of my little ebook "Creating the Right Conditions for Language Learning", containing 40 succinct strategies that can immediately give you the advantage and help ensure you reach your objectives in the finest possible style, from how to plan your study time to setting the right goals and staying motivated.

So, let's go! The sooner we start...