Start working from home as a subtitler
Hi everyone

This may interest you as a career move as well as being able to work from home with flexible hours.

We are offering you an opportunity to start earning money now, working almost immediately as a subtitler or captioner in your native language.

You will need to qualify first by doing a GOSUB course, www.gosub.tv and once you are qualified then you are introduced to a subtitling agency who offers you weekly subtitling work.
 You will learn how to create subtitles and closed captions in English for films and music videos.

 Once you qualify, you get a GOSUB certificate and get introduced to a top subtitling agency to start working, they are desperate for qualified subtitlers so there is plenty of work. You can also work for other agencies at the same time, depending on how much work you want.

Immediate freelance work opportunities once you have completed the course. You get paid in USD in your bank account wherever you are in the world or via Paypal.

If you want to earn more money, manage your own schedule while enhancing your career and having fun at the same time, register today and start working as a professional.

email karin.glass@gosub.tv