37 years old
Translation for Lessons or Copy Editing!
Perfect for individuals who wish to perfect their English!

Native English speaker (native New Yorker)
Bachelor's degree from the State University of New York
TEFL certified English teacher
Teaching since 2008

Native-level German German (Hochdeutsch) speaker
German higher education (college or trade school degree from a German university or German trade school. Your program of study was conducted in the German language.)
Intermediate-level English

Our exchange (equal in word count or amount of time):

You offer me:
Translation/ proofreading/ copy editing services to help me get my resumes and cover letters into German. 

I offer you (your choice of the following): 
A) Formal English lessons 
B) Conversational training of your English
C) Proofreading/copy editing of your English-language writing. 

If interested, please write me letting me know:
Where you're from originally and your first-language(s) and your level of German 
Your level of education in a Hochdeutsch curriculum